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Ga. Senate runoff between Warnock, Walker has bitter closing

SC pair accused of not helping a woman crying for help as she was beaten to death

Family Sues Stanford After Student Who Spilled Coffee on Friend’s Alleged Rapist Is Found Dead

Impeachment talk at Trump Org. trial: Did witness misspeak?

As Mauna Loa erupts, Hawaii officials warn of ‘Pele’s Hair.’ What is it?

New Disney CEO reportedly joked to employees that his wife wanted him to return to keep him from running for US president

Asian faiths try to save sacred swastika corrupted by Hitler

Widow of Russian colonel who shot himself with 5 bullets writes letter to Putin

Teacher shocked at gift she receives from a family at her school

Fentanyl's scourge plainly visible on streets of Los Angeles

He was 19 when he was sentenced to death row. Now, his 19-year-old daughter is suing to attend his execution after a judge ruled she's too young to observe.

Disney Film Featuring Gay Main Character Bombs at Box Office

Riots in Belgium, Netherlands after Morocco win at World Cup

USMNT captain Tyler Adams graciously handled a question from an Iranian journalist about discrimination in the US

Delta flight attendant tells wheelchair passenger that TSA will make him get off plane 'with their guns'

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