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GOP Senators Grill FBI Director over Use of Geolocation Data to Track Capitol Rioters

Colorado hunter banned from 48 states after poaching spree

Arizona GOP lawyer tells Supreme Court the party needs certain voting restrictions to compete with Democrats

Sen. Martin Heinrich to introduce plan to grant Puerto Rico statehood

Hillary Clinton: Cuomo Sexual Harassment Allegations ‘Raise Serious Questions’

NBC Asian America Piece Has Readers Split Over 'Hate Crime' Statement

House Call: Cue the Waterworks and Welcome to March

The Trump administration reportedly quietly funded Operation Warp Speed with money set aside for hospitals

New Orleans Archdiocese Asks Catholics to Avoid Johnson & Johnson COVID Vaccine

Biden pushes for passage of $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill

Mom reports 6-year-old missing, but police say she ran him over and threw him in the Ohio River

Budget nominee Tanden withdraws nomination amid opposition

Texas has one of the worst vaccination rates in the U.S. It's reopening 'all businesses' anyway.

Woman arrested after being linked to crime via Cheetos residue on teeth

Murkowski’s Vote on Tanden Confirmation is ‘Fluid,’ Thune Says

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