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Emergency rooms refused to treat pregnant women, leaving one to miscarry in a lobby restroom

Man Who Set Himself On Fire Outside Trump's Trial Reveals Shocking Motive In His Political Manifesto

3 people arrested in kidnap, torture case in San Jose: police

Trump forced to listen silently to people insulting him as he trades a cocoon of adulation for court

Hospital looking to identify woman found at downtown L.A. apartment complex

Aldi’s ‘aisle of shame’ is a middle row of goodies that have nothing to do with groceries. Shoppers are huge fans of it

Reuters photographer wins World Press Photo of the Year with poignant shot from Gaza

Rattlesnake Gives 2 Friends Nightmare Fuel After They Catch Reptile Swimming Toward Them

NYC squatters got engaged, spent big after stuffing slay victim in duffel bag: prosecutors

Convenience store chain with hundreds of outlets in 6 states hit with discrimination lawsuit

Golden Gate Ferry service suspended between SF and Sausalito until further notice

Hear what Trump said minutes after jury was seated in hush money trial

Argentina asks to join NATO as President Milei seeks a more prominent role for his nation

More than half of the US Air Force's B-2 stealth bombers just staged a mass fly-off

Trump Finally Sees Consequences for his Big Mouth in Hush-Money Trial

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