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Members of self-proclaimed anti-government group ‘God’s Misfits’ held in killings of Kansas women

John Wayne Bobbitt’s Toes Amputated 30 Years After Wife Lorena Bobbitt Cut Off His Genitalia

Violence erupts as novelty shop in Southern California robbed at gunpoint

Atlantic City mayor, wife charged with abusing and assaulting teenage daughter

Ex-Aide Sums Up Donald Trump’s Attitude To Melania Trump With 3 Words

Experts Are Sharing Exactly What Happens To Your Body When You Drink Soda Every Day And It's Kind Of Shocking

Native American-led nonprofit says it bought 40 acres in the Black Hills of South Dakota

Two men shove boulders off ancient rock formation in Nevada, wrecking it, video shows

Missing California student contacts family after disappearing in L.A.

The Philippine president says he won't give US access to more local military bases

‘Sleepy Don’: Trump sparks Twitter hilarity as he appears to fall asleep at trial

'Miracle' weight-loss drugs could have reduced health disparities. Instead they got worse

4 family members plead not guilty in abduction and abuse of a malnourished Iowa teen

Iran has chosen self-destruction, and is happy to take the world down with it

Two women wanted, accused of stealing $30K in property from victim in Downtown New Orleans

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