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DeSantis proposes adapting to climate change without 'doing any left-wing stuff'

Pelosi will 'never forgive' Trump for Jan. 6 attack

In swipe at Saudi Arabia, Washington City Council renames street in front of embassy after Khashoggi

Biden says he has no plans to send U.S. troops into Ukraine amid standoff with Russia

Jan. 6 panel to move forward with contempt against Meadows

Senate Republican push to block Biden's vaccine mandate secures Democratic support

Ocasio-Cortez criticizes Boebert Christmas tree and guns photo

Schumer tees up key Thursday vote on debt deal

The Achilles' Heel of Biden's Climate Plan? Coal Miners.

Hillary Clinton chokes up as she reads parts of the victory speech she hoped to deliver in 2016

Senate Dems launch last-ditch effort to change the rules of the chamber

GOP senate candidates allege Facebook's Zuckerberg spent millions to 'buy the presidency' for Biden — but there's not much backing up the claim

Biden travels to Missouri to highlight U.S. infrastructure law

Democratic senators want student loan interest waived

Trump Can Win the Jan. 6 War Even if He Loses the Legal Battle

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