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Pfizer says its booster blocks Omicron

Fauci says effects of Omicron may be less severe

White House blames Republicans for prolonging the pandemic

What we know about Omicron so far, according to an infectious disease specialist

'Americans seem to have become numb to Delta': Omicron is coming, but older variant is still driving infections

Biden unveils 'winter plan' for fighting Omicron variant

Pelosi: Government shutdown would be due to 'anti-vax' Republicans

Spreading rapidly in Europe, Omicron variant sparks a wave of new restrictions

1st confirmed U.S. case of Omicron variant detected in California

Omicron variant shows need for rapid COVID tests

Biden: We won't fight Omicron with lockdowns

54 Best Christmas Albums Guaranteed to Put You in the Holiday Mood

Omicron variant: What's next for the U.S.?

Yes, you can have a normal (vaccinated) Thanksgiving

Remote schooling led to catastrophic learning loss, new study finds

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