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Skeleton found in England with a nail through its foot is evidence of Roman crucifixion, archeologists say

I tried a new line of weighted workout clothes backed by a former Nike exec and was surprised how light they felt while exercising — but I got a few stares at the gym for the clothes' odd design

Why scientists think our immune systems will be primed to fight the omicron variant

Study: Guatemala's tortilla industry depends on girls' labor

Panel: Consider tinkering with oceans to suck up more carbon

"Bizarre" coral reef sounds offer hope of recovery after destruction

WHO expects vaccines will still work against severe disease and death, even with the Omicron variant

China's lunar rover spots mysterious "hut" on far side of moon

Pfizer says 3 of its shots work against Omicron, citing lab tests, but that 2 appear less effective

Scientists found a 2nd type of Omicron that's harder to track since tests struggle to distinguish it from other variants

A New York anime convention has become a focal point for health officials investigating how Omicron spreads

A billionaire who just blasted into space shared footage of his training, which included lying upside down and spinning on a chair

Russians launch Japanese billionaire on visit to space station

Japanese tourists dock at International Space Station

Another billionaire is blasting into space — and he said he'll give away cash to people on earth while he's in orbit

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