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Millennials are baffled by the way Gen Z uses the camera app on their phones

'Devastating loss': Hollywood figure killed inside home in random attack by woman, LAPD says

Disgruntled Wawa customer knocks man out because he refused to pay for her wine, Sanford police say

8 new cars that are selling below MSRP

Allegedly Intoxicated Girl Fails At Driving And Alphabet, Blames The World

WATCH: Karine Jean-Pierre storms out of White House press briefing when pressed by African reporter

Apple patches two security vulnerabilities on iPhone, iPad and Mac

2 Mass. towns safe enough for residents to leave doors unlocked at night, study says

My Friends Bought a Home at a 2.75% Mortgage Rate. Here's Why They Totally Regret It

Here are the hardest used cars to sell in America

I'm a doctor and my healthy 16-year-old daughter died suddenly from the flu

Great white shark ripped in 2 was 'loaded' with orca DNA, scientists say

Tesla's Cybertruck is a dystopian, masturbatory fantasy

Gazans Cheer as Hamas Releases Russian-Israeli Hostages to Red Cross

Social Security Official Shreds Lauren Boebert Over What She Finds ‘Unacceptable’

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