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All labia look different — and their appearance can change over time. Experts explain.

Warren Buffett Cut Off His Granddaughter Who Spent Nearly Every Christmas and Spring Break With Him: 'I Have Not Emotionally Or Legally Adopted You As A Grandchild'

Las Vegas teen expected ‘slap on the wrist’ for hitting, killing cyclist: ‘I’ll be out in 30 days, I’ll bet you’

A toddler lost in the woods is found asleep using family dog as a pillow

People Are Supposedly Falling For This Obvious ‘Pump Switching’ Scam

Lawrence O'Donnell Torches 'Stupidest ... Most Disgraceful Senator Of The Year'

'Stop the war' and Zelenskiy need not speak, UN Security Council chair tells Russia

How to Tell If You Have a Brown Recluse Spider Bite—And How to Treat It

Bombshell report claims the 39-year-old Harvard Law prodigy with a historic $110 million CEO pay package quit amid horrific sexual abuse allegations

Mississippi auditor says several college majors indoctrinate students and should be defunded

A wingsuit flyer was decapitated when he jumped out of a plane and got struck by its wing

‘Ignorance for Someone’s Life’: 23-Year-Old Woman Charged After Leaving Tennessee State University Student for Dead on Side of Road

Guinea junta leader denounces Western democracy amid wave of coups

Bill Gates speaks out on major overlooked contributor to Earth’s overheating: ‘The one that people are probably least aware of’

19 IRL Stories Of New Employees Starting A New Job And Then Getting Fired In Record Time

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